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Grayed-out boardroom table

Redefining Executive Office Furniture

A signature line of executive office furniture for boardrooms, meeting rooms, conference halls, crisis rooms, hotel business centers, presidential offices, and corporate interiors. 

We are a designer and manufacturer of high-end executive office furniture.

Boardroom tables, executive desks, and more.

We are shaping the modern office environment by facilitating human relationships, enhancing communication, and improving productivity. Simply put, we are redefining high-end executive furniture by way of merging original designs and integrated technology.

Smart boardroom table for executive offices and corporations


Explore our signature line of boardroom tables, executive desks, and complementary pieces.

Pushing the frontiers of high-end office design.

The wheels of innovation never stop. We are inspired in creating new concepts and we are constantly developing sought-after solutions for private high-end offices, executive interiors, and corporate headquarters. Crafted flawlessly with exceptional savoir-faire.

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Refined finishing materials board executive furniture



Get inspired from our collection of materials, including full-grain leather, wood veneers, marbles, and metals.

Integrated screen in furniture (Turadi)



Our furniture is designed to integrate technological solutions and meet the needs of the modern office.

Bespoke executive office furniture



​A creative process in which we offer clientele exclusive designs that we manufacture to the last detail.

Designed for smart, integrated technology.

Our file-rouge is creating a contemporary collection with all the attributes that typify high-end executive office furniture; designed to integrate monitors, display screens, microphones, speakers, and motorized compartments, all in a non-obtrusive and pristine manner.

Smart bespoke meeting table with integrated monitors, microphones, speakers, outlets for conferences and corporate offices

We work with our strategic partner Arthur Holm to offer comprehensive solutions with integrated technology that fits in the overall design. From motorized monitors to display screens, microphones, and audio-visual devices, all our meeting tables and desks exist with or without technology. Bespoke solutions and new product developments are accommodated for. We are constantly striving to improving the meeting room experience.

All our tables have original and modern designs that cater to the most discerning clients. We offer a new perspective of high-end executive office furniture, by manufacturing tables, desks, and complementary pieces for the following: boardrooms, meeting areas, conference halls, crisis rooms, government councils and parliaments, hotel business centers, presidential offices, and corporate interiors.

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