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Our manufacturing base is located in Italy, and we take pride in our superior workmanship. Every day, we give life to exceptional pieces, conceived by our team of highly-skilled designers.

As the world is becoming more connected and smart, so are the needs of executives and decision-makers. Until recently, we had witnessed an unmet need for design-driven and luxury executive office furniture with an emphasis on integrated technology.

Executive furniture needed to be redefined. Alas, Turadi was born to serve this purpose.

We are a French luxury interiors brand specialized in the design and manufacturing of high-end executive office furniture with an emphasis on integrated technology.

/tUR/ · existing in several archaic languages means "The Mount" and the Latin verb adī signifies "go to, go towards", a rich combination that translates our relentless motivation to reach the pinnacle in our industry.

Since 2005, our family-owned business has carried out significant projects in the FF&E contracting industry. We have accumulated a vast wealth of experience in furniture design, manufacturing, and fit-out.


bespoke conference meeting table for integrated technologym such as monitors and microphones, with luxury finishing


At our core, we value workmanship and generational savoir-faire. With the advent of sophisticated tooling, we guarantee precision and attention to detail.


Our goal is to merge luxury furniture and technology. We offer a wide product range and provide innovative solutions with an emphasis on flexibility and customization.


Our essence is designing high-end products for modern offices and boardrooms. By merging aesthetics and functionality, we expand the frontiers of executive furniture.


two workers with a bespoke boardroom meeting table for integrated technology, great attention to detail

In addition, our contract division offers turnkey solutions and provides various FF&E materials such as seating, lighting, auxiliary furniture and accessories.

We understand that every environment has different needs, that’s why we strive to provide high-end bespoke solutions to modern executive offices, corporate boardrooms, crisis rooms, auditoriums, institutions, and hotel business centers. We invite you to break the limits of traditional “office furniture” and inspire creativity in your work environment.

The Turadi collection, with its distinctive style and construction method, allows a great deal of customization and material combination. Our bespoke approach is designed to offer you a unique experience – from the initial consultation to the installation process.


Our design studio can customize high-end pieces from our existing collection or create completely bespoke furniture on commission that reflects your individual style and aspirations: high-quality materials, superb finishes, and a wide range of integrated technology devices to improve efficiency in office meetings.


We redefine executive office furniture by merging design and technology.

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