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High-end designer meeting table for executive offices, corporations, luxury hotels, government projects (Verve - Turadi)


This V-shaped boardroom table has a linear design with a 20° angle opening. Top composed of veneer panels and leather inserts. Inclined terminal panels. Base structure composed of straight vertical panels, sitting atop a metal plinth. Exterior of the base upholstered in leather. A splendid ambiance of Platinum Oak veneer and Grigio leather, featuring gunmetal inserts.


Consult our materials page for more finishing options. Custom dimensions and finishes upon request.

The perspectives feature DynamicX2Talk 22" motorised monitors by Arthur Holm.

High-end luxurious boardroom meeting table for 5-star hotels, corporate offices, ministries, design firms (Verve - Turadi)

Designed for integrated technology. (Optional)


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